Supply chain

Designing our supply chain in a transparent way

We have longstanding working relationships with selected suppliers who are also committed to sustainability and social responsibility and who share our values.

During regular on-site visits, our own employees and independent organisations check our partners for compliance with laws and human and workers’ rights. To support our partners, we offer supplier training and facilitate learning within the framework of supplier days. Transparency in our supply chain is an important component for a trusting cooperation, and the perception that our company is a responsible one.

We work with responsible partners in our supply chain with whom we can design our fashion for the future and produce it while observing social responsibility and protection of the environment.

Patrizia Strupp, Head of Sustainability

TriStyle Group

Sustainable partnership

When selecting new suppliers, we also have a defined connection process that ensures that our sustainability criteria are guaranteed.

Together with our suppliers, we are championing fair working conditions internationally. We are members of various organisations, such as amfori (since 2014), the leading international business association for free and sustainable trade worldwide. The amfori code of conduct (BSCI code of conduct) naturally applies to the entire TriStyle Group. It obliges us to comply with ethical behaviour, occupational safety, and the respect of human rights.

That we take social responsibility in the global supply chain to heart is demonstrated by the amfori award to the TriStyle Group in 2017 for "raising awareness, sharing and disseminating social standards in its companies and throughout the value chain".

This recognition and our efforts to develop and produce high-quality products with responsible partners worldwide, is what motivates us every single day to actively get ahead with future-facing projects.

We are convinced that economic success in the long term is only possible in an ecologically and socially balanced company.

TriStyle Group

Selected guidelines

Declaration on Respect for Human Rights
Policy on the Prevention of Child Labour
Policy on the Prevention of Forced Labour