Protecting the environment and the climate

Environmental and climate protection are an integral part of our sustainability strategy and are systematically integrated into our corporate processes.We are committed to conserving natural livelihoods and resources.

Peter Hahn and MADELEINE, which form part of the TriStyle Group, have been climate neutral since 2022. In collaboration with ClimatePartner, we have had our CO2 emissions calculated. The initial step was to record all relevant CO2 emissions: from heating and electricity, employee commuting, the production of the catalogue and the transportation of goods. In this way, we can see exactly where our greatest challenges to reduce emissions lie. The next step was to compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions through an internationally recognised climate protection project in Peru (climate protection project 1114: forest protection in Tambopata, Peru).

In addition to avoiding and reducing emissions, this is an important step for us in climate protection.

The TriStyle Group

Selected initiatives

Ecological sustainability

Climate protection and conservation of resources

Sustainable forestry

Use of certified paper for our catalogues

Climate-neutral shipping

Expansion of CO2-neutral parcel shipments

With our ongoing projects, the TriStyle Group is committed to achieving the goal of minimising climate-damaging emissions and the use of chemicals in the production process step by step. Furthermore, an initial cooperation in a public-private partnership (PPP) project, based on international requirements customary in the sector, has already led to improved production conditions which protect the environment of our partners.

In the TriStyle Group, we continue to consistently pursue this path of cooperation with our employees, business partners and suppliers. We are working together to successfully implement our environmental management strategy and to design our collections in a sustainable way.