MADELEINE accelerates expansion in the USA

Munich, 18 October 2021 - The online fashion retailer MADELEINE, a subsidiary of the TriStyle Group, is significantly exceeding expectations as it enters the US market and is forging ahead with the expansion of its presence in the North American market.


The company from Zirndorf entered the US market last year and since then has used the time to further optimise its product range and processes in the world's most relevant sales market. In just the first few months, MADELEINE has gained about 20,000 customers and achieved a turnover of mid-seven figures. Thus, MADELINE has clearly exceeded sales expectations with its product range, which essentially corresponds to the European market range.


"Our premium range, which European customers have loved for many decades, meets the fashion tastes of customers in the USA. We are very pleased about this. We want to continue to sway customers with our products going forward and further expand our presence in the American market. The focus in the USA is also our core target group Best Agers, a sector in which we are gradually increasing familiarity with our name," Karin Zimmermann explains, CEO of MADELEINE. For the coming business year, MADELEINE is aiming for sales in the double-digit millions in the USA.


The USA offers MADELEINE the opportunity to advance its internationalisation through North America and to win over US Best Ager customers with MADELEINE's sophisticated European premium range. To expand further in North America, MADELEINE will primarily rely on the growing opportunities from digital marketing, including through collaborations with local data cooperation agreements, web portals, and influencers. Thanks to a new system and cooperation with an external fulfilment and payment partner, orders can be delivered within two working days in almost the entire USA.


"The expansion in the US market is an essential part of our international growth strategy. MADELEINE's target group and product range are perfectly suited for continuous and successful growth in the American market. Opening up new markets is fundamental to the success of the entire TriStyle Group in the long term. We will therefore continue to benefit greatly from our experience in the USA," Dr Daniel Gutting says, CEO of the TriStyle Group.

MADELEINE accelerates expansion in the USA
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