more than 610 million
EUR annual revenue
more than 50 years of
expertise in fashion & distance selling
more than 2 million
customers annually
more than 1,500

TriStyle Group

About us

Fashion specialists in the premium sector

We are premium fashion providers. With our customer-centric and strong distance selling business consisting of a modern e-commerce platform, branches in selected locations and our own call centres, we focus on the growth segment of the silver society.

High data and digital affinity

As a corporate group, we create synergies through our extensive experience and expertise with data and digital sales channels. The ongoing expansion of our e-commerce business is closely linked to constant analysis of the behaviour of our customers.

Focusing on the silver society target group

We serve a continuously growing target group: the silver society. This group has a high purchasing power and demands high quality. With our service-oriented customer approach and our high-quality fashion products, we have a broad and loyal customer base.

High competence in a growing market

We assert ourselves as a global player in a steadily growing market. With our fashion competence, our integrated sales strategy, and the service-oriented dialogue with our target group, we continue to expand our market position and thus create the conditions for further growth.

Strong brands

Our portfolio

What we do

Our business


As a leading fashion provider for the silver society, TriStyle Group will further strengthen its position by accelerating the development of its e-commerce competencies. The focus here is on improving accessibility for mobile devices and the use of artificial intelligence in data-driven communication.


As a corporate group, the TriStyle Group consciously relies on the strengths of its individual companies and the synergies from the commonalities of all companies. The companies Peter Hahn and Madeleine each operate independently in the market. Thanks to their differentiated brand and product strategies, they have established themselves in the "relevant sector" of customers and have a strong brand presence in their market segments.


Our success is based on the values of our group - respect, openness, and reliability. These values are firmly anchored in our corporate strategy.